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Self Motivation

Here I post my daily activities . Life was hard for me since few years but I accepted the challenge and fought and I succeeded but not totally so this blog will certainly help me to overcome the hardship of my life.

Day 8 01/05/2021

Today too I had good a sleep, Slept about 7 hours. After getting up did exercise and meditation. Meditation is so effective if done rightly, It not only makes mind peaceful but energizes the body too. Today I studied a lot, actually I graduated college in the year 2016 ,but still I don’t have a…

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Day 7 30/04/21

Had a good sleep, slept about 7 hours. I was feeling good through out the day. Very less negative voice in the head. It really feels good when the days goes well, with less amount of suffering. I still remember the days when I could not be able to sleep the whole night ,not even…

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Day 6 29/04/21

Had a good sleep ,slept about 7 hours, no headache, did studied a little, overall the day was good .Had small conversation with my ex-girlfriend, asked her about how her life is going on. Whenever I think of her, a guilt feeling comes in because I was the one who decided to end the relationship.…

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Day 5 28/04/21

Again could not sleep well , was not asleep till 2 am ,woke up at around 7 am .I was feeling awful ,headache on top of that but still went to visit a friend at around 9am who lives like about 1 hour car journey away. Met him and his friends ,had some small conversations…

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Day 4 27/04/21

Yesterday I could not upload ‘daily 21 day’ post because I was feeling so depressed I could not write anything about 26/04/21 . Because that day I did not get enough sleep ,my whole body was in pain and mind was in utter state of confusion .I hardly slept for 4 – 5 hours as…

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DAY 3 25/04/21

1- No Self-Judgement . ✖ 2-No Overthinking.✖ 3-Don’t Judge others.✓ 4-Daily Exercise twice a day.✖ 5-Studying.✓ 6- No porn.✓ 7-Sleep At 10:30 and get rest at least 7 hours sleep and no porn , mobile ,no overthinking,and concentrate on breath.✖ 8-Watch some entertaining videos.✓ 9-Don’t worry about Gray hair and baldness.✖ 10– Be thankful to parents…

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